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LWC Garden aims to be a replacement for the official Salesforce @salesforce/lwc-dev-server, which has not received an update since 2021 and won’t likely recieve anything until 2025.

LWC Garden brings an array of new features and customisation so you can develop how you want to, locally.

LWC Garden provides two places for configuration:

  1. Global Configuration: garden.config.js at the root of your project.
  2. Component Configuration: LWC specific garden.config.js that lives in your LWC folder.
  • Directoryforce-app
    • Directorymain
      • Directorydefault
        • Directorylwc
          • DirectoryhelloWorldLwc
            • garden.config.js Component Configuration
            • helloWorldLwc.css
            • helloWorldLwc.html
            • helloWorldLwc.js
  • garden.config.js Global Configuration
  • lwr.config.json

Next steps

  • Setup: Get up and running in two commands
  • Configuration: Learn more about the global garden.config.js configuration
  • Component Configuration: Learn more about the LWC specific garden.config.js configuration